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Staying Sweet in a State of Emergency

It's been a tough week in NYC with new information coming in rapidly and the changes in the status of COVid-19. As we try to stay calm while we implement social distancing, enhance hand washing regimes, and avoid large crowds to maintain the health of our families, neighbors and ourselves, it's important to remember to stay sweet, too.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our team and you! In addition to all our normal cleaning and sanitizing procedures that we do as a NY certified food facility, we continue to take extreme caution in sanitizing all surfaces in the cake studio and maintain strict adherence to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to make sure our customers and employees are well and safe.

We will continue to take cake and custom sweets orders and have curbside pick up options or delivery to your doorstep. If you have a party planned at the shop over the next month, feel free to reach out about postponing or canceling as needed. If you have a large party planned elsewhere and we are doing the sweets, we'll be in touch to discuss any alterations needed to the order. For the immediate future, we are altering our refund policy on deposits for booked parties and large orders and completely understand if you need to cancel or postpone your event or alter the serving size of your cake. Although, having a few extra slices isn't a bad thing.

With fewer New Yorkers having parties, office events and more of our neighbors working from home, we've decided that now seems like a good time to start a Sweet Subscription Service! You can order weekly sweets directly from the website for pick up at our Park Slope location. Check out the subscriptions here. You can sign up for as many weeks as you want or go week to week. Cookies are important, especially as there seems to be a shortage of Oreos in Brooklyn. It's okay NYC. We got this!

Get home safe and stay healthy and sweet!


Photo: Black & White Cookies

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