To Order

For custom cakes we recommend ordering a week or two from your event date. Note, custom orders during peak seasons and around holidays require further notice. Baking, cooling, decorating and creating artwork takes time and our schedule fills up fast. Send us an email regarding your sweets needs and we will get back to you Monday through Friday within 48 hours with a quote.  Orders require a 50% deposit to reserve time in our schedule. 


Cake Tasting

Cake tastings are $40 and include three tasting cakes. The tasting fee will come off the final cake balance. To book a tasting, email us with a date and time you would like to schedule a tasting. For wedding and event consultations, please email us at In your email, please include your event date, time, number of guests your are expecting and desserts you are looking to serve. 

From Start to Finish

Even the smallest cake can take several hours to prepare, bake, cool, ice and decorate. I know what you are thinking ... "But on those cake shows they do it in under an hour!" Hate to say it...fake news. Been there, done that. Decorated cookies require at least 24 hours to dry prior to packaging, sculpting your favorite character may take a hour or two and if you haven't watched "Nailed It!" you should...because it is a good representation of what can happen if you rush the cooling process of a cake and ice it sooner than you should. Special orders that need to be expedited or a little extra time to complete in a short turn around time may require an additional charge.

Gift Cards

We do e-gift cards and certificates. Purchase cards through the link or feel free to call or email us to order one in any denomination for a future sweets or a class or two. Give a sweet gift to that extra sweet person or that person that may be in need of a little more sweetness in their life! 

Delivery, Pick Up & Shipping

Cake is delicate and takes a little bit more TLC in the delivery process, especially in this concrete jungle. We deliver to the Five Boroughs and beyond. Delivery prices depend on distance from the shop. If you are picking up your cake, please take the following into consideration. Cakes can be heavy and fidgety, so please send someone who you would trust carrying and transporting a baby. Make sure that when picking up your sweets you have minimal errands to run. Chocolate, butter and sugar do not withstand temperatures in your car. Even during colder months, sun through a car window can be a destructive force. Delivery fees are based on distance, time of day and any set up time needed at the venue. If you are picking up items from the shop you must wear a mask. During delivery of items to the venue please make sure you and yours are wearing a mask. 

We do ship cookies, bars, cake pops and other sweets. Shipping and handling costs vary on destination and items being shipped. 

Weather & Storage

Cake needs to be in a cooler environment before serving and does best when displayed in a shady spot either in the restaurant or if you are eating your cake by the ocean. Cake is best served at room temperature and on average should be out of the fridge an hour or two (depending on room temperature) before serving. If your event is outside during warmer months, note that your cake will get warmer faster and it will need to be displayed in a shady spot. 


If upon pick up or delivery of your order, you are not satisfied with the look of your cake, cookies or other sweets, you are not obligated to take them. If you choose not to take them, you will be issued a refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) via the original purchase method. Upon pick-up or delivery of your order, adjustments may be made if the schedule allows for an additional charge.