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Chocolate Chip Cookie  

Soft in the center, slightly crispy on the edges and a ton of chocolate. Cookie Monster approved.



Gowanus Monster Cookie (GF)

Peanut Butter, Oats, M&Ms, Potato Chips, Chocolate Chips...more tasty than scary.



Coconut Chocolate Chip (GF)  

Loads of Chocolate Chunks and Coconut comprise this cookie. 

One of our favorites to have for breakfast or any time of day.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie  

Chewy Oatmeal, Raisin and Brown Sugar Goodness.


Egg Nog Snickerdoodle (Winter)

The perfect combination of two wonderful things. 


Mocha Chocolate Drops (Winter)

Chocoate Brownie Cookie topped with a mocha icing and chocolate curls.


Frida Cakes              

Butter Cookie with pecans dusted with powdered sugar.



We wish we could say these are from Brooklyn ... but they are French inspired and custom made for your event. Oui Oui!

$2.75 & Up (Priced by design)


The Ginger                

Chewy molasses cookie with chunks of crystallized ginger.


Sugar Cookie               

Decorated cookies custom designed for your event. 



-Gingerbread (Winter)

-Biggie Smalls

*Priced by Size & Design

German Chocolate Truffles (Winter)

Pecans, Peanuts and Coconut dipped in Chocolate and topped with cocoa nibs.


Beer Brownies

Dense chewy, loads of chocolate a little malt and a hint of sea salt. You are welcome.



Brown butter, white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.


Calamity Jane Bars

Brown butter, white & dark chocolate and local whiskey. 


The West

Brownie with a coffee caramel swirl and almonds. You will think you have struck gold. 


The Canal

Brownie topped with a pretzel chip crumb and a ganache sludge.         $60/Dz

Raspberry Shortbread 

Raspberry preserves sandwiched between pecan shortbread. Yum!


Cake Pops & Cupcakes

Minimum of a six per order. Prices vary depending on flavor and design. 

Quick Breads, Cakes & Scones

Victoria Sponge (Serves 8-10)

8" Traditional British Tea Cake, Sponge with a hint

of lemon, raspberry preserves, rose cream and

fresh raspberries.


Classic Bundt (Serves 8)

Butter cake. Yes, please!


Breads (Serves 8-10)

Banana, Lemon Poppy, Citrus EVOO, Pumpkin Chocolate


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pie (serves 8-10)

Pumpkin Pie 

Traditional Pumpkin Pie, Flaky Crust

$28/$35 (add Bourbon)


Sour Cream Apple

Flaky crust, creamy apple filling topped with crumb. A twist on the traditional apple pie and the perfect addition to your holiday table. 


Traditional Apple Pie

Double crust, three different local apples and cinnamon.



Black Bottom Pie

Flaky crust topped with ganache and finished with loads of caramelized pecans. Yep, it's amazing!


Classic Pecan Pie

Flaky crust and loads of pecans.

$45/$48 (add Stout)


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