COV-id 19

Dear Brooklyn & Beyond, 

I hope you are well and staying sweet. I miss the hustle and bustle of this city and hope we can get back to it soon. Sweetly Brooklyn is "open." We have a small menu of sweets available Mon-Fri 2-6pm or Saturday 10-2pm for quick pick up at the shop. Wave or tip your hat and I'll take your order from the door. Sweets sell out daily so if you want something feel free to call to reserve items or send an email to order specific or larger quantities of sweets off the menu. I've gone back to my roots of making ready made Cakes for 1 and 2 people or custom cakes a little bigger if you need leftovers or have a few more people in your 6' radius.

Curbside pick-ups, local deliveries and shipping (for cookies, bars, cake pops, cookie kits and items in our online Sweet Shop) are available.

Be well and stay sweet!


How you can help? 

These are dire times. If you are a local and need something sweet, check out our cake or sweets menu to order. Buy a gift card for later use. (We will all need a cake for a celebration after this). We've also started a Keep Brooklyn Sweet Fund: Buy a gift card and donate it to a local in need or to your favorite team of 1st responders. Purchase a gift card through the link and then email us who and where the sweets need to go or let us choose and we will let you know who the lucky sweeties are.  

Stay in touch... 

Email us if you have any questions at 

Check out our blog for updates,  recipes and ideas to help you and yours stay sweet. 

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