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Dear Brooklyn & Beyond: 


It has definitely not been the best of times and it has not been the worst of times … but it was pretty close there for a bit. I take it as a compliment to know that during one of the worst times in recent history to own a small business, the rent was paid in cookie and brownie sales. They must be pretty good.  


Sweetly Brooklyn has been baking in Brooklyn since 2014, as well as 5 years in LIC. In 2019, the brick-and-mortar shop opened as an event and teaching space that also offered wholesale and custom orders on the side. We had to pivot a few times during COVID to pay the rent and in doing so I hope it made the time a little sweeter for you. 


Don’t freak out or scream. After clocking in 100+ hours a week for the last couple years I’m making the pivot to part-time and moving the space in August to a non-retail store front to decrease overhead and support the new schedule. Sweetly Brooklyn is not ceasing to make sweets. Rather, making time for some much-needed rest, a flexible schedule to travel, time to help an elderly family member, to create a work/life balance again, and to make room for personal and professional growth. 


You may ask yourself, how does this effect my order or access to cookies?! Very important questions. If you have booked an order in July or August—there is no change. If you need a custom order for September and beyond, plan ahead and get those email inquiries in. Our time books up fast. If you stop by daily or weekly for a cookie or two, follow us on Instagram or check out on our website, order a Sweetbox for delivery or pick up some sweets at a pop-up instead. Look for the fall and winter pop-up schedule on the events page on our website and Instagram profile.  If you have a gift card, you can still use it for a custom order or at a pop-up or if you want to book a decorating workshop at another event space.  


As I begin to wind down at the current digs, if you have a confirmed order in August (paid the deposit), you are all set. Otherwise, the books are closed for custom orders until September, as time is needed to move all the cake pans. If you have any questions, email me or stop by the shop during an event over the next few weeks and say hey and chat.  I will miss waving from the window, chatting on the regular, and hope to get you something sweet for your next event. 


As always, be well and sweet! 


Happy Monday Brooklyn! Practicing my Black & Whites for a wedding order. #sweetlybrooklyn

Sweet Box & Sweet Shop

We switched up our hours and you miss us...we miss you too! With ordering, wholesale accounts, teaching and larger shindigs back in swing we are shifting back to our pre-pandemic business plan which means time gets booked up quickly with more custom sweets leaving less time for sweets on the fly. Enter, the Sweet Box, a dozen small sweets--weighing in around a pound with a couple pick up times throughout the week. 

A limited number of Sweet Boxes will be available for purchase on the website and through the link in our bio on Instagram. The menu/theme for each box will be posted in the shop listing, as well as the pick up date and time. If you like what you see on the menu, get it. If you think...hmmm...wish that box was all chocolate chip cookies or I would like unicorns on that or I need it delivered or shipped up the block. Don't purchase a Sweet Box, rather send us an email requesting a custom order. 

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