Happy 2022!

Dear Brooklyn & Beyond, 

It has been a year.


Thank you for your continued business and support while we all continue to ride this roller coaster! You have: ordered cakes, cookies, and other sweets; stopped by the shop to say hi and check in; offered encouraging words, a joke, shared a laugh; spread the word, offered to help. You know who you are and each of you helped make the last year a little sweeter. I can't thank you enough!

As we move into 2022, hoping it brings you and yours health, opportunity for growth and adventure and much sweetness!


Stay well and sweet!


Gift Cards & To Order

Email us through the link below to inquire about an order or to buy an e-gift card for a gift or for yourself (We will all need a cake for a celebration after this).


We've also started a Keep Brooklyn Sweet Fund: Buy a gift card and donate it to a local in need or to your favorite team of essential workers. Purchase a gift card through the link and then email us who and where the sweets need to go or let us choose and we will let you know who the lucky sweeties are.  


Every bit counts!

Stay in touch... 

Email us if you have any questions at sweetlybrooklyn@gmail.com

Check out our blog for updates,  recipes and ideas to help you and yours stay sweet. 

Follow us to find out what we are up to. 

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